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NaNoWriMo 2010

I'm back at it again! 6k words in the first two days! Yay!


A blast from the past

Something a friend sent me a LONG time ago. I just found it today.


Whut a buncha tools!

About a year ago (give or take a couple weeks) my 2008 xmas present from my brother showed up finally. The Amazon Kindle 2. It has been a GODSEND. I got something like 200+ books from Amazon and various free book sites (Gutenberg sites and such)

Well the last month has been a trial. Penguin books is the most recent of the 'We want to control the prices' publisher and in a high handed move pulled all their Kindle versions off of Amazon as of the first of this month (what a cute move asswipes)

The net result? For me: I don't get to read the new Harry Dresden novel on release because some tool at Penguin wants it sold at FULL cover price for hardback (despite the fact that EVERY chain in the world is selling said book @ discount)

My complaint to Penguin is this..how can you justify demanding the ebook at full hardcover when it only has a fraction to produce? I"m willing to bet you're not going to give the AUTHORS a bigger bit of the ebook pie are you?

It doesn't look like much NOW, but this is the start. I got 20 or so of these small metal disc charm bracelets, and when you cannabalize one you can make 2 or 3 that will fit the wrist of a normal sized guy (that being me). I'm going to be looking around for a bit of this and that.

My nefarious plan is to find some cheap metal rounds or charms that fit what I have planned. What this is to be is a mock up of the shield bracelet that Harry Dresden uses in his books. Now I'm off to find 'talisman' and 'amulet' patterns and stock I can use to hang from it.


I'm done! 50,770 words (give or take)

Check Kain's Lair for the pdf. (In the rant section)


NaNoWriMo update four

Well It's like six days till the end of NaNoWriMo and I'm sitting around 45,500 at 1900 in the evening. :D

I think I can do a burst today and tomorrow if I can JUST get the right inspiration and make the final count

Soooooo.. I will make ONE of my goals for the month.

Jobs are still hard to get for my career at the moment. Ironically DS2, the lockheed division who shit canned me, have two job openings in the Jax area. (and one in Miami)

So I just oh.. FORGOT that I can't apply for the Customs jobs with them and put in the application anyway.

Edit: 47606 now!


NaNoWriMo Prezzies..

I swore to myself that I'd inflict my southern drawl and mouthbreathing self on the 'interweb' if I got to 35,000 words this weekend. So last night I sat down with a pen and paper and planned out a rough podcast to inflict on those who know me about my NaNoWriMo trials and tribulations.

Look under 'Rants'. It's a fairly simple hack job. :D 12 megs of me squirming and playing with Garageband on my mac to say some of the things that are going on.

NaNoWriMo Update er.. tree?

I'm now sitting at about 33,334 according to the NaNoWriMo site and that puts me a good 3/5ths towards the 50,000 goal.

Burgan is still stealing scenes. I can't seem to get Farr to work as anything other than a planner. The scouts are the only ones who are effect at this point but it's still like nearly another 6,000 words!




NaNoWriMo Update duex

So far so good.. I'm up nearly 6,000 words (that is like nearly 3 days) from the 500 word deficit I had last night (Curse you oh so evil Xbox games.. Call of Duty: MW 2, Dragon Age:Origins and Borderlands!.. and next week is worse! ASSASSIN's CREED 2!! ARGH!)

So, by now Burgan has reaped merry hell though the northlands trying to avenge his family. Marshall Farr chafes at being 'chained' as the leader of the Kingdom's forces assembling and I'm developing the Bad guys a LOT.

Still trying to keep the Horned Wolf (the big bad) and her 'mentor' in the shadows but adding them today put me close to where I wanted to be at the half way point of 25000+ words. (Goal is at LEAST 50,000 by the 30th and I want the book COMPLETE myself by then)

Odds are that this sucker is looking to be a duet or trilogy .. (wee!!! 3 NaNoWriMos thought out.)

Added an excert to my NaNoWriMo page..

Check it out.. It might be crap.. but it's MY CRAP.. so neener!

Now I just got to figure how to do a picture to fit the image of a cover (and add an artist's pic for my ugly mug) I got my headset/mic combo and with the goal of 30,000 words at LEAST 3 days ahead of my timeline I shall try to use Garageband to post a podcast on my dot.me site.



'F*ck you' courtesy of Corporate HR pr*cks


I had to get a urinalysis test done as part of the ongoing hiring process that Lockheed has going (they are taking
over L-3/Vertex's contract with the Customs/Border Patrol) and I didn't get to the lab in time friday to give a sample.
(They stop at 3).

No big right? I figure I can get it done first thing monday. Which I do. I lost 2 hours of MY time doing it as I'm still too
new to the job to get a lot of paid personal time. No big still right?

I get back and am told by the Lockheed rep that the offer was being retracted because I was late in giving my sample.
Apparently 4 working days is one too many. So I call the reps at the Lockheed Martin HR division.

Who tell me that, yes.. I'm out of the job. And.. that due to my clearly negligent actions (with a hint that I did it to give the
drugs in my system time to work their way out) that I can no longer apply to ANY Lockheed Martin job requiring a FAA screening.

Which means I'm out of work come Thursday.

That, my friends, is one craptacular monday.

So, I have no job. Crap for money. Backed up bills. No way to finish paying my health care premium to tricare prime. (and I'm out of my pills.. Joy..relapse time).